The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. Albert Einstein


My name is Róbert Sándor Tánczos IT professional. I believe in specification so my main fields of interests are Internet and Programing. In a bit more detail I am confident to say that my strong points are search engine optimalization and marketing (SEO, SEM). I do love teamwork so in the past couple of years I managed to create numerous projects in team.

Obviously the team was changing sometimes but the concept that few people in cooperation can do better quality work than the same few working without each other stayed. So did the aim to be flexible, customer focused and use the latest technology. I am proud that in the past almost ten years I was able to keep my promises and deal with plenty of different sort of issues. At the beginning I was more into office softwares and later on I realized the wind of changes and started to dig deeper in Internet technology and web design.

Lately my main field of business is web development. The essentials for this such as PC and other peripheria and Internet services( domain registration, hosting) are also provided by me. I am also able to come up with a full service from the idea to the pruduct itself. The tools and solutions I am mainly using are: Java, PHP, HTML, Flash, CSS, SQL.

If you already have a running system that needs some attention or require some changes the maintenance services of mine should be useful for you or your company. Redesign of existing websites, search engine optimalization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

Simplicity, Efficiency, Affordability

My aim is to give the opportunities of the internet for more and more people and let them use it for everyone’s well being. In order to reach this my prices and terms are realistic so does my personality.